by Bishop



Countless shows up and down the US, a full length release on Ferret Music, a self-released 7" and a split CD with The Red Baron all have led Bishop to where they are now, and it isn't meant to be pretty. Lyrics mostly dealing with the negative aspects of life and the human condition are in these 14 songs of their sophomore effort, "Drugs."

For fans of Madball, Blacklisted, Buried Alive and Cro-Mags.


released November 11, 2008



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Bishop Florida

Still Straight Edge.

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Track Name: Homesick & Hellbound
"Backstabbers and starfuckers.
I've spent time with the leeches and rats.
I didn't think I could get any lower than that but I've tried.
I swallow my spit cuz I deserve the taste.
life is paved brick by brick with my mistakes.
can't get enough, its my heart to break.
I swallow spit cuz I deserve the taste.
my life is paved with so many mistakes.
homesick and hellbound, we fell in love with familiarity.
misled train wreck. by my own hands betray me.
homesick and hellbound, we fell in love with the end.
misled trainwreck. we fell in love with it all."
Track Name: Jumper
"the relentless sky comes crashing down upon my head.
storms shadow my every move, it'll be this way until I'm dead.
there's not much holding me together.
my lifesblood is suicide and piss mixed.
there's got to be more to life than this.
ten thousand bitter broken hearts is what I carry in this hollowed out body.
a clenched fist and daggers behind both of my eyes.
I need something to get me through this nightmare.
I need something to get me through my blackest days.
I need something soon.
the wind at my back, my arms to angel wings,
an opportunity i can't resist.
inhale one last breath, take the jump,
and forget this world ever existed.
its all coming down on me.
my world, my life, my sanity."
Track Name: Get Your Mind Right
"Get your fucking mind right. Blaahhhh."
Track Name: Big Business
"you're giving up. I thought we were the same.
same goals, same mind, I guess this wasn't worth your time.
condescending this as if its not how you got where you are today.
this isn't for the kids anymore.
re-use, recycle, the game has changed.
devour, exploit but we know who to blame.
this isn't for the kids anymore.
no heart, no soul, but we got a new name.
big business."
Track Name: Mutter
"I'm not blaming myself anymore for this Every word from your mouth as foolish as the last You talk about your love and your loyalties The things that you do don't match the things that you say Fuck you Everything you say I've heard before Been there before It's too much to take I'm doing all I can to cut off all the ties To a race I never wanted this, I never needed you I only hope the worst follows you through Through and through. You must be sick You're a waste of all the air you breathe You selfish fuck You hypocrite you fucking leech Before you're dead we're hearing all the bullshit words You are the scum of the earth. Fuck you and everything you say Play the role Talk yourself up like you're somebody great And if you die today you wouldn't mean a fucking thing to me Not a goddamn thing I never wanted this I never needed you I only hope the worst follows you through through and though Just keep my name under your breath And when you see me step outside Just keep my name under your breath I've got nothing to hide anymore."
Track Name: Edge of The World
"heart so full of love, so cold and alone.
bridges burned steal our chance of ever going home again.
surrounded by whores, liars and bastards,
I stared into the devils eyes.
in my darkest hour, nothing to comfort me but abandonment
and lies.
I tried not to let it tear me apart, when every one else
left me in the dust.
I tried not to let it eat me alive.
I tried not to let it tear me apart,
your open arms brought me home again.
I tried not to let it eat me alive.
I’ve got enemies on all sides."
Track Name: Drama Head
"It's funny how serious you take your life.
push your way through the crowd to decide what's wrong and right.
don't kid yourself, you know chivalry is dead.
you have no place or right, you're just a fucking dramahead.
bullshit artist, you're a fucking disease.
a sucker desperate to make enemies.
fools lie, a bigger fool believes.
use your brain, you're so fucking naive."
Track Name: Rat In Your System
"you're all the same, hollowed out for the piper to play.
check the pulse, no blood pumping, holding off so it drains.
an impostor is so easily spotted.
there's a rat in your system.
there's a wrench in the works.
stop talking and walk away. my ears can't hear what you say to me.
stop talking and walk away. stop talking to me."