Everything In Vein

by Bishop



released July 24, 2015



all rights reserved


Bishop Florida

Still Straight Edge.

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Track Name: Not One Vein Operational
Old faithful
This place is trashed
One hundred dollar day habit
Old faithful is thirsty again
A walking corpse, no life apparent
Until the drugs are taken away
The fix is calling
The fix is calling
The fix is calling
Fists and teeth become weapons of desperation
Because you lost all control
It left you itching, fiending, cold and alone
It left you penniless, give ‘em all that you got
Load the spoon and take the shot
You’re dead before you nod off
Track Name: Saturated In Denial
The ground shook beneath your feet
Like a bomb to weed out the weak
Aggression will not lead you to the answers you seek
Oppositions of norms and ideas
The stubborn mind is weak
Your world is broken
Everything you know is obsolete
Spoon-fed opinions and beliefs
This was your saving grace
Saturated in denial
When the bomb blows up in your face
You keep the devils’ pockets deep
You sharpen the leeches’ teeth
Everything you know is obsolete.
Track Name: Caseload Decline (Cashed Out)
Dirt broke and fucked up
Single mothers chase the carrot on the string
The rules are set the game is rigged
“Work Fare” is bullshit
Steered away from aid
Families starving so you can get paid
Federal to state
Hunger pains
Keep your hands out their pocket for your own cash out
Hand to mouth, there’s no way out
Hand to mouth, the bottom’s about to drop out
Dirt broke and fucked up
The rules are set
The game is rigged
Track Name: From The Womb To The Tomb
"Get ‘em while they’re young” he said
Permanent customers waiting to be bred
Thought control bought and sold
Advertising holds more weight than gold
Forming values and beliefs
Spike the brain while they sleep
Addiction driven
Taught how to think
The devil wears a suit
And his pen never runs out of ink
Your life- sealed, stamped and ruled
From the womb to the tomb
Track Name: American Straight Edge?
War on drugs?
War on blacks.
American straight edge?
America brought in the crack.
Track Name: Status Quo Hardcore
Middle ground shuck and jive
Neutral politics, wasting your time
Fence walker motherfucker
"Status quo hardcore
Play it safe, you’ll get an encore
The brain dead jocks and the soccer moms
Put down the mic, pick up Parasitic Skies
Or Bloodlust Revenge
He who shouts the loudest has the most to defend
You want applause for promoting common sense
The point was clear but you missed it
When you’re gone it’ll be like you never existed
You scream your lungs out but what are you so angry about?
Your boring life, your basic views?
What is this all coming to?
You’ve turned this into a commodity
You’ve got less than nothing to say"
Track Name: A Specific Design
Everything in this god forsaken world is a lie
Indoctrinated and baptized
Capitalism, cops, god and the justice system
A patriarchal specific design
To serve and protect property
White man’s lie, white man’s dream
Play your part
Know your role
A life of comfort under control
Submit to your gods on bended knee
Chained to technology
Convenience bred
A collapse so near
Future so bleak
The earth will inherit the weak.
Track Name: You're Not Safe Here
If you have to look around before opening your mouth
You’re better off swallowing your tongue
Because something has gone terribly wrong
Circuitry malfunctioning
This is where you don’t belong
White washed and black balled
We’re not friends cuz the color of my skin
We’re not the same and you’re not safe here
Don’t think you can cross a line
And come through dropping bombs
That old world mentality has no place here
And you’re not safe here
No tolerance for bigotry
We’re real world enemies
Track Name: Welcome To The Shit Show
Welcome to the shit show...
Get born.
Get dead in the dirt.
Fuck off.
Track Name: The Great Mistake
A species goes unchecked
The downfall is man
Overpopulated and goddamned
A great collapse will come to wash us all away
Waiting with bated breath to wash us all away
Encouraged to breed
To make more worker bees
To keep wages low
To fuel the class war
A great collapse will come to wash us all away
Waiting with bated breath to wash us all away
Blindsided with superstition
Fucking and breeding exponentially
We are the mistake
Track Name: Huey P Was Right
I’m not anti-cop
I’m anti-asshole
The paragon of harassment
Just doing your job, upholding unjust laws
Without the use of facts
White neighbors have more to blow
But you’re faster to attack blacks
The camera caught you all on tape
Exposing this corrupt police state
As long as you lock up the bad guys
You can sleep at nite
No respect
No remorse
I wont mourn a pig that gets shot
In his stupid face
Track Name: Career Mode
So unaware of the control you don’t have
A mundane life
A mundane culture
Wasting your time stepping backwards
So unaware of the control you don’t have
Your days are wasted recouping from the nite before
A steady pattern of disappointment and kissing the floor
Smash that glass at the bar
Be loud and annoying
Bet your ass I’m judging the shit out of you right now
What are you running from?
The harsh slap of reality?
The icy sting of life?
Palehorse breathing cold air down the back of your neck?
It’ll be waiting for you when you come back
Living life in a black out
But is it really living or just another cop out?
Track Name: Be Wary
I was hell bent on self-destruction
With brief moments of clarity
Sometimes I hurt the ones I loved
Sometimes I just hurt me
I stared the devil in the face
And laughed at every word he had to say
A regret for every day of life
Track Name: Infinite Confinement
Forced to slave for pennies a day
Locked in a cell to rot away
Things don’t change
Free labor, they’re not serving time
Segregation legalized
He’s lucky to be alive
Sent to prison on a bargained please
Or guilty, but once out these walls he’s still not free
Infinite confinement
Served time
But the punishment
Never ends
Track Name: Cram
Originally written and performed by I Hate You.
Track Name: Only Dirt Awaits You
You poor lost soul
Looking for a sense of this mistake
In your errored faith
Human error
Your logic is flawed
There’s none more false than the presence of god
Mind control
Common sense gone
Believe what you’re told
Outdated practice
Wasted time
Blinding the weak
Faith capitalized
Morals baited and misaligned
Only dirt awaits you on the other side
Pray for me
Condemn me
Your prayers burn on and on
Trash your cross
Admit your mistake
The god you knew is gone