by Bishop



Alligator City's favorite bastard sons, Bishop, return with another testament to the ornery. The three tracks on their latest 7" were recorded during the "Drugs" sessions and shelved specifically for this release, consisting of two of their best tracks to date as well as a very unlikely cover of Further Seems Forever's "Pictures Of Shorelines." The first press of 1,000 also contains a surprise and will NEVER be released in MP3 format... Until now.


released August 24, 2009



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Bishop Florida

Still Straight Edge.

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Track Name: Pictures of Shorelines (Further Seems Forever Cover)
"If you insist on picture of shorelines
then I insist on pages of your lines
meant for me, to be sent to me.
Remember watching the storms from the lifeguard stand.
Remember feeling the tingling in my fingertips,
when I touch your lips.

And I recall how you sat on the same side of me,
it really seems that you'll always be on my side.
You're my best side.

And it's early June so the sands still dry
and you have got the boldest eyes.
And I can't help but think it's right,
that inside you it's me I'll find.
And I can't help but think it's right,
that inside you it's me I'll find.
And I'm still waiting.
And I'm still waiting.

It's early June so the sand's still dry
and the storm off shore's not far behind
and I'm still waiting...
and I'm still waiting...

And sometimes we don't say a thing for a long while
and the ships off shore hold stories that we'd make.
And sometimes we are held at bay by these miles.
But less of you is more than I can take.

And the moments that we've shared could last a lifetime.
And the faith I have in us will keep you near.
But several of these miles placed in between us,
means several of these words be sent by mail.
I hope this letter finds you well.
I hope this letter finds you well."